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The Junior Environment #8 Experience Counts

By stuwarren, Jan 23 2021 09:12AM

Define the game by the EXPERIENCE not the outcome

This is an absolute key to helping young people fall in love with the game, not fall away from the game. It’s not about score. I’m not saying that score isn’t important, or a motivator. After all, it is how we differentiate winners from the pack and generally how we measure progress and success. However, score is only the product of a quality experience where a player is managing themselves, the playing space and then the ball.

We want our children to enjoy the course, enjoy the challenge of striking a ball with intention and skill, and be brave enough to face the difficult challenges that golf puts in their way.

On a practical level, this might look like having your child strike 5 shots out of the centre sweetly throughout the whole round. It could also be them taking on 2 shots that they would identify as 10 out of 10 on the difficultly scale. This is about them identifying the outer limits of their game and being brave to the challenge. The outcome doesn’t matter, although if they pull it off that would be amazing! How many Hi-5 moments have they set for the round?

These tactical and psycho-social targets will make the game far more enjoyable, far more engaging and ultimately lower their scores.

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