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The Junior Environment #2 The Right Golf Course

By stuwarren, Jan 11 2021 08:47AM

The Right Golf Course

Lets be honest, the golf course is a difficult, inconsistent and random environment. It doesn’t follow a universal, logical pattern. It has vastly different lengths holes loosely catagorized in to pars 3, 4 and 5. It has slopes, blind shots, bends, penalty areas, bunkers and huge trees. It is unforgiving for adults… now think about the kids!

We have to match the length of course to the ability of child. As the child grows, becomes stronger and hits longer, so does the course. Its not ok to just send them off the red tees whilst thinking that giving them 20% less distance is a good deal. There’s a reason you should hit a par 4 in 2 shots. It’s because it’s within your physical capabilities to do so. The reason you don’t isn’t because you aren’t strong enough, it’s because you are not good enough. This is discrimination on the basis of ability not capability, which is the essence of sport. Now imagine your 9, 10, 11 or 12 year son or daughter hitting the ball into a blank field for 5 or 6 shots... with no immediate target! If your 9 year old hits their best two shots on a par 4, they should be pin high.

The best example of course fitting is the system developed by US Kids. Based on the young players driver distance they have set formulated distances for par 3s, 4s and 5s, ensuring that every course is accessible, fair and fun for every junior. As the driver distance increases, so does the course they play on.

The 100 Club

New for 2021, the 100 Club allows our young golfers to play 9 holes at Bannatyne Humberston on a golf course perfectly suited to their strength. With holes ranging from 59 yard to 179 yards, this brings the course and its challenges to life in an exciting and friendly way. Greens become a viable target and par is possible based on skill and ability, not strength and capability. The shorter course enables faster, more family friendly rounds and should encourage Mum and Dad to join in the fun! Most importantly though, it acts as the perfect gateway for juniors to progress to the full course and prolongs the “Fall Away Point” significantly.

Let’s be honest, I will also be using the 100 Club course heavily this year, as I know the absolute key to scoring is from these distances!

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