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The Junior Environment #1 Building Our Universe

By stuwarren, Jan 10 2021 09:06AM

Building Our Universe

As coaches and parents we have to build our juniors’ golfing world. A simple, instinctive and easy to master environment should be created from the vast playing area we call the golf course. We have to set in place the outer boundaries of the game through a limited number of initial shots, covering every area of the course. These shots form the foundations, floors and walls of their game. Interestingly in this metaphor, we don’t build a ceiling as we encourage them build up their skills limitlessly.

In our junior academy, we help our young players discover and explore golf through 5 simple shots that they will carry for the rest of their golfing life. Without these skills, golf will not make sense. They will be unable to navigate the course, unable to progress to more advanced shots and, ultimately, unable to succeed in enjoying the game.

So, what are these 5 shots? How do they relate to the course? Also, how do our young golfers remember them?

The 5 Shot System is really simple and renames common shots we are familiar with; drive, hybrid, mid iron, pitch and putt, to become more shot specific and descriptive. We tag each shot with a 3 word phrase (in brackets) to help our young players easily setup and execute.

Delicious Drive (Step, Tilt, Swing) A powerful, fast and dynamic blast at the ball, which hits it as far as possible. We focus on speed and air time to gain as much carry distance as possible.

Smashed Hybrid (Step, Step, Tilt) A progressive blast to get as far up the fairway and as close to the green as possible.

High Iron Shot (Step, Step, Swing) A ball first, ground second approach to the green.

Drop N Stop (Penguin stance, Lean, Chip) A soft, high, floating shot which lands on the green and as close to the flag as possible.

Roll In the Hole (Step, Step, Roll) A beautifully struck putt disappearing into the hole.

On Course Recall

On Course Recall

Every Academy player receives a set of simple bag tags to carry on the course with them. They are an ultra quick visual reference to where, when and how the shots are to be played on the course. These are designed to become obsolete rapidly, as the young player knows exactly what, how and where to play. This is a sign of real progression in both physical skill and situational awareness.

Click here to watch the 5 shots in action!

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