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We have developed an incredible Active Maths Workshop using sport to enhance your year 6 pupils' preparation for their Maths SATs.


The workshop uses athletics, tennis, golf and football to challenge pupils' maths skills in a fun, exciting and practical context. The exciting sessions combine various sports to create a multi sensory approach to learning maths. The workshop comprises unique Learning Games to fire the pupils' confidence and reinforce their learning.


I deliver the workshop over a morning or afternoon and split into 3 x 50 minute sessions. The Learning Games can be delivered indoors in the hall or outside on playground/ school field.

The workshop offers a different approach to stretching pupils in preparation for their KS2 SATs. To discuss how the workshop can enhance your pupils' year 6 experience, feel free to reply by email or contact me on the number below.


07856311195 or [email protected]

Stu Warren PGA Professional


Active Maths Workshops